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Discussion in 'Renegade Stock Tech' started by Wolftracks, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Wolftracks

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    Feb 8, 2015
    I am currently contemplating buying a Jeep Renegade. I have some experience with SUVs - I used to drive a Porsche Cayenne S, actually 2 of those over a course of 9 years. And yes - I did take this car off-road on several occasions in the Alps with great pleasure. (I currently live in Switzerland). Then, 3 years ago the high gas prices and the crazy amount of gas that V8 engine was guzzling up, made me switch to an Audi A7. Around that time my daughter was born, and the A7 seemed to be the more appropriate ride. However, it is time to get back into something a little less sedate ;-) Therefore, I am now contemplating getting a Jeep Renegade in April.
    Since I am not planing on any hardcore offroading, I am torn between the Limited and the Trailhawk version.
    My main concern is, that maybe the on-road behavior of the Limited might be better than that of the Trailhawk and when I am honest, this car is going to live more than 80% on paved roads and will only see occasional off-road action. On the other hand, here in Europe, the largest engine is reserved for the Trailhawk (no clue why they do this), so I think it will be the Trailhawk, just for the sake of the extra 30 hp, but would be interested in some input from people who already own one.
  2. wayoflife

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    Oct 25, 2014
    Northern Nevada
    Honestly, I wish we had the engine choices that you will have in Europe. I believe the Trailhawk for you will be available with the diesel and it gets really good fuel economy. It's probably what I would get.
  3. ManEater

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    Nov 21, 2014
    Germany, Bavaria
    In europe the engine 4x4 2.0Multijet is almost the same in both limited and Trailhawk versions ... i guess they just have some other mapping to get to 170 HP ... so i bought the 6-speed limited because the Trailhawk was not available 3 Month ago and i didnĀ“t want to wait that long for the 9 speed auto ...

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