Oct 25, 2014
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Administrator, Male, from Northern Nevada

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    1. robinsonmac
      How does one delete their profile?
    2. BillyDekidd
      Hi, I live in Southern California. I have a 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, do you have any recommendations as to a reliable off road shop in my area to do lift intallations specialized in my renegades? Also i bought an Avid 2.5 lift kit, do you have any info on instructions for install or know where i coukd possibly get instructions? Any info you can provide me is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
    3. newrenegadeowner
      Greetings! I am wondering if you can accept my membership so that I can login on Tapatalk app? For some reason I can log in to the forum on my computer, but on Tapatalk it says I don't have permission. Appreciate your help!
    4. persquank
      Hey buddy. I also drove to SEMA with my Renegade. Is it possible to meet up somewhere out here?
    5. BUtrlhhawk
      Hi all, I din't know you could change up your user name. Can you fix mine? I got one too many h's in mine. Was half asleep when I set it up. lol
    6. gselsidi
      Hey Quick question, I know for your 225/75r16 tires you had spacers on, did you put the spacers on cause you had too? Or you just wanted them? Wondering If i lift 1.5" and throw those tires on a Sport with no spacers if I will get rubbing? Heard the spacers are what usually causes rubbing? Thanks
    7. Eddy
      I then asked if I could could get some Trailhawk springs would they put those on with Daystar kit and they said okay. But they are crazy expensive. I called another shop and they said they would do Eibach and Daystar kit but I didn’t want to mess up my renegade any advice
    8. Eddy
      I recently got my upland renegade 4x4 and I want to lift it but I was curious what the best and safest thing was. I went to a shop & they said it’s bad to put the Daystar & Eibach Springs on it because of the joins wear. They even said they wouldn’t but I really want the 3 inches. Any advice?
    9. red/green hawk
      red/green hawk
      Wondering if your tpms malfunctioned after putting spacers and new tires On? Dealership is telling me it is the reason why mine isn't working.
    10. Jimmy Lee Smith
      Jimmy Lee Smith
      Eddie, is there a problem with the app? Seems like I've had to use the browser for about a week... it opens with no content and won't let me in, tried a reinstall. Thx bud.
    11. BumbleBU
      Was wondering if there was an issue with the android app. I open it, the splash screen comes up, says it is connecting to server, then crashes. The wayalife app works normal. Love the app by the way. It might just be me, I can access the site through the browser no prob. Uninstalled and reinstalled, no help there. I have been using the app for a month or two without issue until now.
    12. SID VCS
      SID VCS
      Hey. Good to be aboard, thanks.
      I was reading a forum post from last August where you were talking about getting the Daystar 1.5" lift kit. Did you and how did it go. Thinking of for my 2015 Limited.
    13. steevr
      Hi, is there an email I could reach you at?
    14. BigRed_MA
      Hi. i really like your roof rack can you tell me more about where you got it thanks
    15. Oldschool
      Hi Eddie
      Would you be so kind to change my profile name to Oldschool, didn't pay much attention when I signed up
      1. CarsonCindy
        I changed it for you :)
        Jan 20, 2016
    16. William Ward
      William Ward
      I am brand new and not sure how this all works, however, I ordered a TH at the Tacoma WA dealer on June 25 with the MySky, and am being told the wait is a minimum of 17 weeks for delivery. I am at about 15 weeks right now. What has the experience been of there who have ordered a Renegade?

      Thanks, Bill
    17. kaptkrappy
      Yeah, I screwed mine up too. Can you change my screen name to kaptkrappy please.
      Thank you. This place is fun.
      1. wayoflife
        Jan 21, 2015
    18. catahoula
      Hi Eddie,
      This is Pete new member...can you change my profile name to catahoula?
      1. Cozdude likes this.
      2. wayoflife
        Done! Glad to have you here :)
        Oct 27, 2014
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