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  1. Squatched3
    Building a 2nd renegade sport....
  2. Hope
    Loving life!
  3. josh menninger
    josh menninger Nathaniel
    So I would like to attempt the ATP 4.0 on my 16' Sport 1.4L, any suggestions?
  4. GoRuggedTrails
    Starting to mod my Renegade. Looking for advice, feedback, and insights on new and cool things to add to Trooper.
  5. MattMc
    MattMc Nathaniel
    You still selling the desert hawk rims and tires? I'm mostly interested in the rims. Let me know if you'd be willing to part with the rims for $400 and I'll pay shipping. You can sell the tires separately.
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    2. Nathaniel
      I can do that, shoot me an e-mail with your name and address.
      Jun 13, 2019
    3. MattMc
      Cool - just sent you an email.
      Jun 13, 2019
    4. Nathaniel
      sent you a paypal invoice, if you don't see it it might be in your spam folder
      Jun 13, 2019
  6. Brudude79
    Plenty of time for rest in the grave ☠
  7. NightWing
    Finally installed NightWings decals I made... I dig them...
  8. robinsonmac
    robinsonmac wayoflife
    How does one delete their profile?
  9. Taras Sych
    Taras Sych
  10. Johannes Klein
    Johannes Klein anthomico
    Hello, could you please write me the name of the company of which the shock absorbers are, thanks and greetings from Germany
  11. Nathaniel
    People keep telling me I don't have a "real" Jeep. Then I show them a video of me fording 4 feet of water and they stop laughing
  12. OurDee
  13. DCjeepBo55
    DCjeepBo55 Nathaniel
    Hello! Just got my jeep last month. 16' Latitude and was wondering if the 2" spacers on stock wheels would be ok? If not which ones and where would I get them? Yours looks awesome btw
    1. Nathaniel
      Mar 8, 2019
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  14. BillyDekidd
    BillyDekidd Rio Grande Renegade
    Hi Rio I git an email frim u but the attchment did not work for me to view it.
  15. BillyDekidd
    BillyDekidd wayoflife
    Hi, I live in Southern California. I have a 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, do you have any recommendations as to a reliable off road shop in my area to do lift intallations specialized in my renegades? Also i bought an Avid 2.5 lift kit, do you have any info on instructions for install or know where i coukd possibly get instructions? Any info you can provide me is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  16. Nclost
    2017 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk with 2in. Rough Country lift,245/65/17 in. tires .
  17. Bobh
    Just got a new 2018 th and I love it. Wondering why it didn’t come with the world map on the insert under the center stack
  18. Wookie Renegade
    Wookie Renegade Jimmy Lee Smith
    Hey Jimmy Lee what size tires are you running with the Avid 1.5 lift and the eiboch springs? Have you had any issues with your renegade since the lift?
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    2. Jimmy Lee Smith
      Jimmy Lee Smith
      No issues at all, I did a trim on the pinch seam and I'm running Hankook Dynapro Atm 235/65r17s with 1" Supreme Suspension wheel spacers.
      Jan 4, 2019
  19. Wookie Renegade
    Wookie Renegade Calebljoy
    Hey Calebljoy, did you do any lift yet? I was looking at these threads about the 1.5”, 2” Avid lifts. OG did the eibach springs with the 1.5”. Not sure which way to go with that.
    1. Calebljoy
      I ended up doing the ATP 2.0, and eibach springs, it turned out awesome!!!
      Jan 11, 2019
  20. Jeepers
    Jeepers Bus_Driver
    How did the lift install go?
    1. Bus_Driver
      They screwed up the quick disconnects. Got to go back tomorrow to get it fixed right. :(
      Dec 27, 2018