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Discussion in 'Renegade Modified Tech' started by TWX, Oct 14, 2020.

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    Our three year old is at the age of trying to climb into the vehicles and wanting to do so without assistance from mommy or daddy. She's light-weight enough that stepping on the "NO-STEP" is not a problem for now, but that obviously won't last.

    I liked the look and install process for the Rocky Road Supersliders, so I contacted them to ask about lead-time. I got a reply that didn't actually answer my question and basically was just platitudes on the sooner ordering the sooner I'd get them, and on my subsequent followup where I cited that their competitor's product is available with a short lead-time and for a considerably cheaper, they feigned ignorance that they even have competitors.

    Needless to say I was disappointed. I'm aware that it's fabrication piece-work and that someone has to dig out the fixture and the plans, order-up steel if the sizes the plans call for aren't in-stock, and then start cutting, de-scaling, drilling, fixturing-up the cut pieces to weld and welding them, then dealing with any sort of coating and finally packaging to ship, but just a basic, "we're six weeks out," or, "we can start on them immediately with roughly a week of fabrication time," would have simply been good customer service.

    If that's the kind of response I get when they don't yet have my money, what kind of customer service can I expect once an order is placed?
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    Just a thought, But they might be waiting to hit a certain order count before starting a production run which would make it difficult to give an estimate.

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