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    Aug 29, 2022
    Good afternoon,

    I am writing the forum to ask about what to do with my rene wheel rub. I have the rough country 2 inch lift, 1.25 inch spacers and Goodyear Duratrac 225 75r16 tires. I have a small amount of rub on the passenger side, but the driver side seems to be running right against the body/plate behind the plastic. In a small trip around town it ripped through the plastic. So I am unsure if the pinch seam mod will work. If there is a plate behind the plastic will it cause issues if I remove it and stick it in my garage until it's time to sell it? Or is that plate essential to the structure integrity? If I have to keep it in, what would my options be? Since the tires cost me about 1100 bucks, I'd like to run them until they look like shaved bologna. Would going to a Bilstein B8 be a fix?As it claims a 1 inch lift.

    Any help would be great!
    And now off to do a new member post

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