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    Mar 20, 2018
    I'm going to be getting new tires in the spring and figured as might as well get new wheels as I don't like the stock. I have a 2017 Trailhawk in Anvil so my wheels have that silver lip on them, wouldn't be so bad except there isn't silver anywhere else on the vehicle.

    I'm about 90% sold on getting a 1.5" lift when doing all this as it seems that opens up the tire/wheel combo list a lot more.

    Tires I'll either go with the TA KO2 or Yokohama MT 003 - either way I'll be getting them in 225/65/17.

    Now, when I'm looking for wheels I have no idea what range I need to be in.

    Size: Was only looking at 17x8, would 17x8.5 or 17x9 be doable?
    Offset: I have no idea what range I should be looking at here
    Bolt Pattern: Does this matter much? I mean, I see those bolt pattern adapters so I'm not sure how much this plays a factor. Should I be staying within specific bolt patterns?

    Anything else I should be looking for when looking at wheels?


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