Weathertech vs Husky Liners

Discussion in 'Renegade Stock Tech' started by HoosierJeeper, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. HoosierJeeper

    HoosierJeeper New Member

    Sep 9, 2019
    Thoughts? Which seem to do better? I don't want to have holes in them for the snaps. I've had Huskys in my Liberty for forever and I really like them.
  2. Redfour5

    Redfour5 New Member

    Oct 30, 2019
    I can only speak to what I have in my Ram BUT I went with Husky because of their flexibility vs weathertech. Living in MT, we get lots of snow. The snow sticks to boots and then melts in the vehicle. At some point in the spring when things melt, you will have slush or water pooling. I spoke to one guy and he ended up going with Husky and getting rid of his weathertechs ONLY because you can get the Husky's out without getting the water out first. They are flexible and bend and I can get them out and dump them in the parking lot or driveway. Weathertechs are rigid and you have to get the stuff out of them BEFORE you remove least in a RAM pick-up. Now, after five years, I actually had my heel go through the Husky's. I don't think they would have on the Weathertechs. So...there you go... All it took was some black silicone to fix the Husky's to date.. We will see in the Spring...

    I actually went with a sort of weathertech knock-off for the Renegade, very inexpensive on Amazon here recently. The prices of the name brands took my breath away and they are forcing you to buy everything now days. I only needed front ones and this company (Maxliner) came in at like 80 bucks for the front only. They are more rigid than Husky's and not nearly the quality of weathertechs BUT not like supercheap either. They fit pretty good. Anyway, they are not laser cut to the vehicle but they are pretty close and appear to be a pretty solid product that appears robust and looks good to the casual observer AND, it looks like they are just flexible enough I might be able to get them out in the Spring...and they will not allow the melt to go over the edges. This is an experiment just so you know also not a recommendation yet. I am withholding judgement until they get a winter under their to speak. Oh, no holes in the snaps either.
  3. Trianddan

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    Nov 23, 2019
    Ended up going with oem jeep floor mats, no complaints.

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