Time to change the Engine Oil

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    How I change my Engine oil, step by step.

    Setting up the Jeep for an oil change.

    1. Inventory your parts (oil and oil filter).
    2. Drive up on the ramps.
    3. Place the transmission in Park.
    4. Set the Park Brake.
    5. Chalk one of the rear wheels.
    6. Loosen the Oil Fill Cap.
    7. Check the engine oil level; we are checking for oil consumption between oil changes.

    Removing the front skid plate.

    1. Loosen the rear most two bolts but leave them in so that the rear of the skid plate has sometime to hang from. The rear two skid plate mount bolts are “U” shaped hole that will allow us to remove the skid plate without having to remove the bolts.
    2. Starting from the rear of the skid plate, working forward, remove the bolts.
    3. Supporting the skid plate with one of your hands, remove the four (4) bolt from the front of the skid plate.
    4. With eight (8) bolts now removed, and the two (2) in the rear loose, allow the front of the skid plate to come down enough to clear the bumper and pull the skid plate forward working it side to side to clear the rear two bolts and set the skid plate out of the way.

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    Draining the oil

    1. Place a drip pan under the oil filter.
    2. Loosen the oil filter and allow the oil to drain to keep the mess to a minimum.
    3. Once the oil has drained enough (user discretion) remove the oil filter.
    4. After the oil filter has been removed, take a rag and wipe off the oil filter housing.
    a. We do this for two reasons.
    1. To remove contaminates.
    2. To verify that the oil filter O-Ring came off with the oil filter (you do not want to accidentally double ring an oil filter).
    5. Place the drain pan under the oil pan and remove the engine oil drain plug.

    While the oil is draining, prepare your oil filter.

    1. If the oil filter is vertically mounted, it is a good idea to prefill the oil filter to help prevent “Dry Start” (Dry Start is the time it take the engine oil pump to suck oil from the oil pan and push it into an empty oil filter before the engine can start lubricating the vital parts).
    2. Lubricate the oil filter O-Ring.
    3. Screw the oil filter in place and tighten hand tight only (usually, in most cases, ¾ to 1 full turn after the O-Ring touches the oil filter housing).
    4. Wipe off the oil pan drain plug and the oil pan reinstall the oil pan drain plug and tighten to 14 ftlb.
    5. Move the oil fill cap out of the way and use a funnel into the valve cover oil fill port.
    6. Fill with 5 quarts of recommended engine oil.
    7. Remove the funnel and reinstall the engine oil fill cap.
    8. Start the Jeep and allow it to run for two (2) minutes. While the engine is running, check the oil filter and the oil drain plug for any leaks, tighten if necessary.
    9. Shut off the Jeep and wait one (1) minute before checking the engine oil level.
    10. Reinstall the skid plate by sliding the rear of the skid plate onto the two bolts in the rear. Start ALL bolts by hand before tightening any of them. Once all bolts have been started, I tighten the bolts from the front to the rear, and them go around one more time.
    11. Now that you have a little oil on the dip stick, remove the Jeep from the ramps and park on a level surface to get an accurate reading of the oil level. Fill with oil until the oil level is at the top of the hash marks (mine usually requires 1 additional quart to reach the top of the hash marks, for a total of 6 quarts).

    Now for the part of the job that sucks… the clean-up.

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    Great write-up and pictures. Thanks for sharing.
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    Great job as all ways!
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