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    Dec 3, 2021
    Hello to the forum,

    I bought my daughter a '16 Renegade Latitude a couple years ago for her 16th birthday and since then she ended up catching the customizing bug. We found this forum and started reading, reading & reading and asking a few questions along the way.

    So far, we have done the following mods.
    - Updated the wheels to 17" diameter
    - 235/65/17 BF Goodrich Trail-Terrain tires (felt it was a good compromise between performance vs. weight increase over stock while staying with a legacy tire maker)
    - Pinch weld mod & reshaped the wheel liners with a heat gun (Lessons learned: do the reshaping after re-installing them. I reshaped one after install and one before thinking it would be easier to reshape but it made it harder to re-install)
    - Tera-flex 1.5" lift
    - 20mm Athena wheel spacers (word of caution on these. The longer countersink bolt they supply to attach the spacer to the rotor is not the right thread pitch. The supplier bolts are 1.25 course vs. 1.50 fine on the vehicle and you shouldn't retap to fine as it will not tap correctly because the bolt diameter is not changing.)
    - Mopar Hood decal

    I wanted to say thank you again to the group for their help in answering my questions and for fun, I added a couple of pictures of before and after.

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