Specific tire and wheel combo with a 4 inch lift

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    Been wanting to get a bigger more aggressive tire and a bigger rim for the 4 inch lift I've been planning to put on. I'm curious as to if anyone will know if this particular setup I would like to run will work (pictures below). I'm not very knowledgable when it starts getting into certain sizes with tires. I do know the 4 inch lift will clear a 30 inch tire and the one below is roughly 29".

    IMG_0865.jpg IMG_BD503D92C717-1.jpeg
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    W E L C O M E ! ! ! to the forum

    29.7 inch tire to be exact.

    275 is a very wide tire for the Renegade. Depending on the back spacing and the size of the wheel spacer you use you could run into issues at about 3/4 turn with rubbing on the rear of the fender liner, even after performing the Pinch Weld Modification.

    Just to give you an idea, I went with the Method Racing MR701 (17X7.5 +30mm offset) with BFG KO2 245/65R17 and 1.0 inch spacers in the front (1.5 inch in the rear), and I still scuffed once in a while.

    My wheel and tire set up.

    What I did to get there.

    This is the Tire Size Calculator that I use to get my information.

    I fear, the "4 inch lift will clear a 30 inch tire" is a marketing tactic. ATP had 30 inch tires on their Renegade, but no fender liners and the pinch weld was cut out completely.
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