SOLD - Rene Trailhawk wheels and tires for sale

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    Jul 10, 2021
    Greensboro, NC

    Set of 4 wheels and Tires off of a 2020 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk. 9500 miles on entire set.

    Wheels: Stock 2020 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk
    17” rim
    6.5” width
    +40mm offset
    5x110 bolt pattern
    65.1 Hub Centric
    No Damage

    Tires: Stock Falken Wildpeak H/T
    6/32” tread depth
    9500 miles only on tire

    Includes set of stock lug bolts M12x1.25 (20 total) and brand new never used Mopar Wheel Locks M12x1.25 (4 locks & 1 key)

    No TPMS in wheels.

    FDEE63DB-0D3E-4E4D-A036-B7516FF23579.jpeg 831F9F15-3199-4B8A-B6E3-36E357EA8724.jpeg 0A985A49-5418-4C4D-9BF1-B74A270A1A1C.jpeg 6166E29C-01C9-4580-9493-3E9C205C2C1F.jpeg 7F62EB13-14BD-4069-B060-EA2D4EE0D724.jpeg
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