Non-Trailhawk Fuel Tank Skids

Discussion in 'Renegade Modified Tech' started by Sean Kelly, May 10, 2019.

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    Feb 15, 2019
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    Ok, so I did a lot of searching on this forum and the jeeprenegadeforum to try and find out if the mopar skids could be mounted on a Renegade that was not a trailhawk. The answer is yes, with some work.

    Driver Side Part Number: 52029928AB
    Passenger Side Part Number: 52029929AB

    They will say they only fit a compass, but these pictures are of them mounted on my Renegade. The cheapest place I found them was at OEMDodgeparts for $250 for the set.

    Here are some pictures of the ones I have installed on my 2015 1.4T 4x4:
    *Note you could certainly do this more elegantly and with the proper hardware, but I was getting ready for an off roading trip, so I wanted them up there ASAP.

    With that said, yes the holes are there (mostly) to use the right sized nutzerts, although you will see I drilled my own holes to mount because the ones I bought were just slightly smaller.

    The only mounting hole that is missing is the driver side rear mounting point. Because of this, there are only 2 spots to bolt the skid to the body, so I took some scrap and made that center crossover piece you can see above to help support the rear of the driver skid. My guess is the trailhawk has a bracket that drops down from the body to help attach the skid at that point (there's a good 4" off space before you reach the body back there).

    Here are the passenger side mounting points:
    Passenger Front
    Passenger Side
    Passenger Rear
    *You can clearly see where the nutzert was supposed to go in this picture. The Hex hold is there ready for you to mount to.

    Now here is the driver side:
    Driver Front
    Driver Side
    Driver Rear (No place to mount!)
    Hard to tell from the picture angle, but the body does not drop down the same as the passenger side here.

    Anyway, just thought I would post this for future members to know it is possible to add fuel skids to a non-trailhawk. Even without that rear mounting point and using the crossover support bracket, both skids feel solidly mounted and will definitely hold up to rocks better than the fuel tanks themselves.
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    Feb 27, 2019
    Great info for us non-trailhawk offroaders.

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