No lift Tire Change on OEM 18's

Discussion in 'Renegade Wheels & Tires' started by AlpineLTD, Nov 25, 2019.

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    Nov 14, 2019
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    So on all 3 of my Patriots High Altitude 4x4's - all with no lift or spacers ( The High Altitude models seem to sit higher)
    I put
    225 65 17's (28.5") Which was up from their stock height just under an inch
    225 60 17's (27.6") STOCK

    On my Renagade Limited which also sits a bit higher stock than many other Renagades I've seen
    I'm thinking 2 ways to go.
    235 55 18's (28.2") Which are a bit wider and a bit taller
    225 60 18's (28.6") Which is about the same width but just under an inch taller
    225 55 18's (27.7") STOCK

    All 3 of my Patriot's and the Renagade have the 2.4 engine
    Although -The Transmission is different on the Renagade.
    I do a lot of trips into the moutains and many times with my Kayak on top of the Patriots we all drive.

    None of us have had any issue with running the taller tires with respect to power, getting up hills or just general driving on back roads and highways in the Patriots.

    I'm leaning towards to 225 60 18's in the Goodyear Eagle Sport AS
    OR the 235 55 18's in the Michelin Pilot Sport 3+ AS

    Either would be fine - but - I do like the idea of noticeably taller

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