Lift Springs vs. Lift Spacers

Discussion in 'Renegade Modified Tech' started by scotty-o, Sep 24, 2020.

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    Sep 11, 2020
    Hi gang, I'm pretty new to the Renegade world. Just picked up a 2019 Upland for a great price. It was a former service loaner at my local Jeep dealer and included an extended 10 year, 100k power train warranty.
    Anyway, I'm interested in a bit of a lift. In my research, I've read up on the Eibach springs and the various lift spacer kits available but have not found much in terms of Pros and Cons of one versus the other. I know some folks run both but I'm not interested in that much lift at this time. Probably down the line, though! LOL
    I'm currently leaning towards the springs, as I've had luck with that kind of lift in my old first gen CR-V that I stuck some OME lift springs in :p But, am not against the idea of spacers, either.

    Are there any caveats to a spring lift vs. a spacer lift? Spacer lift vs. spring lift?

    Planning on BFG AT ko2 tires, 225-65-17, on stock wheels with a 1" spacer.

    Thanks in advance and I'm loving this forum!

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