Latitude 4x4 with 235/65/17

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    Dec 3, 2021
    Hello There,

    Well, original plan was to keep it somewhat simple and go with 225/65/17 size all-terrains but decided to throw simple out the window and move up to 235/65/17 all-terrains. The Rene already has the Teraflex 1.5" lift kit and after reading through many, many posts on tire sizes, I know I need to do the pinch weld fold-over but I am not sure if I need spacers or not to clear the strut spring perch.

    For those in the group who have gone to that size tire, do I need 3/4 or 1" spacers as well or would they just be a preference thing to move the tire out more? Madness Autoworks sells the "H&R Trak + DRA Series" spacers but thickness is only 20mm (3/4") which is essentially the width difference between the all-terrains and the 215/65/17's that are on it now. I like that spacer design for the simple fact they still use bolts to mount the tire. The wheels are from a Compass so if I went with studs you would see them as there is no center cap to cover.

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