Extended Towing Experience: 2019 Renegade Trailhawk

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  1. Patrick77

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    Sep 18, 2019
    Just wanted to post about what is perhaps one of the longer continuous towing experiences any renegade owner has likely had.

    I own a 2019 trailhawk, with the 1.75 inch RRO lift kit, Eibach Springs, 1.25 inch spacers, 235/65/17 Atturo Trailblade tires, a RRO front bumper and warn winch, and a few other add ons.

    Due to the extra lift, I used a 5 inch drop hitch to tow a 5X8 uhaul trailer weighing approximately 1600 pounds for over 3500 miles in one continuous go from central Oklahoma to Alaska.

    The renegade does not like towing in the heat. Once I reached the Canadian border and temperatures dropped, it performed well overall. No surprise given how much of its power comes from the turbos and the cold, denser air. I often used the stick shift to keep it in the right gears, and monitored transmission and coolant temperatures, and eventually figured out what gears it likes to be in at certain speeds and inclines. Once it was cold, even the steepest inclines on the Alaskan highway didn’t require me dropping speeds below 40-45mph, though the rough roads often did. The tires in my experience perform almost as well in snow and ice as winter tires I’ve used in the past. No real traction issues on an extremely wide variety of winter driving terrain on the way to Alaska. A little side note…I did opt to install the daystar cam can kit for extra gasoline storage on these remote highways, which gave nice peace of mind on long, lonely stretches of driving with many facilities closed for the winter.

    If you have any questions or concerns about towing, drop me a message.
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    Jul 16, 2018
    Good information, Thanks for sharing your experience!

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