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    Jul 7, 2016
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    Introducing my BEERPAWS-mobile today all grown up! Sport Lifted w/ day star 1.5". fuel wheels 8.5x17. 20et. wild peak AT 235/70/17. = 30.5" OD. 5mm spacer w/ 5mm extended lugs. (8mm might save you some work)- modified calibers and brake pads. Driver steel crash plate removed. Pinch seam trimmed and heat shaped plastic wheel wells on both sides. Slight rub at full cock while reversing. (Could be eliminated with more massaging with heat) Custom CAMO renegade wrap. My company makes dog treats for your drinking buddy from top grains from craft beer. We also make doggie beer (Non-"A" of course) and a variety of doggie goodies including apparel for you and your little buddy. Not a commercial, but I figured that would be the next question I'd be answering. But if you love your dog, now you know.
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