avid 1.5 lift problem

Discussion in 'Renegade Modified Tech' started by smeef, May 3, 2020.

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    Oct 14, 2018
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    Hey everyone. I just started to install the avid 1.5 lift. the left front went on easily but the right front im having issues with. with the spacer installed the strut does not align with the knuckle anymore. the strut needs to be about a half inch higher for the bolt holes to align. the lower control arm will not go lower. i have read that the right side lower control arm just bottoms out higher that the left side and thats why the left went in fine but the right wont. the tie rod and sway bar link are already disconnected. do i have to compress the strut to make it align with the knuckle now? if so how do i do that?
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    Apr 18, 2019
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    It will fit, just needs a little persuasion.

    Do a search, this issue has been discussed before.
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