2018 vs 2022/2023 Renegade

Discussion in 'Give Us a Wave!' started by Jimmy C, Oct 5, 2022.

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    Mar 16, 2018
    North Carolina
    I had a 2018 Renegade Trailhawk but it lost a fight with a garbage truck. I was wondering what would be different if I bought a new Trailhawk model. I know the engine changed, but I was wondering what else has. For reference I live in the mountains and do trail maintenance work for the forest service. I mostly drive on secondary roads and gravel roads, some of which are not very well maintained. I remember certain things about the Renegade I liked: a nice ride on dirt roads. folding the middle of the rear seat down for long tools, decent gas mileage, nice skid plates so I could bottom out a bit without worrying, and adequate rough road ability. Things I did not like where that it was a little loud and not so great on the highway. I have a GTI for the Highway and a Pinzgauer for really rough stuff.
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