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  1. Glenn
    4x4 Rengade 2.0 Diesel
  2. Paul Harrington
    Paul Harrington JeepCares
    Help!!!! I have 6 warning lights on!!! 8 service messages. They came on all at once. Everything seems to be working as it should except 4wd. Where do I start?
  3. paul
    paul Renegade016
    might be interested in the wheels - where are located?
  4. dans_depot
    Pic for the new to me 2017 Renegade Altitude 4x4. I love the blacked out look of the Altitude package! Very sharp!
  5. Devin
  6. BlackRenegade
    I’m a Renegade
  7. Jim Seay
    Jim Seay wayoflife
    How do I change my screen name?
  8. Toycoma02
    Toycoma02 Keith Ruff
    You can check out my Instagram page if you are still looking for front recovery points. Toycoma02
  9. JennyReese
    "Work hard to get what you like, otherwise you'll be forced to just like what you get."
  10. Leigh-AnnT
    Orange 2016 Trailhawk bought new! His name is Zulu Impi which means Zulu Warrior. Originally from KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.
  11. Mike Gotham
    Mike Gotham jslengyel
    Hi jslengyel,

    I was going through a forum about the Jeep Renegade UConnect system issues and saw that you had posted that you had the problem. Did you get it resolved? If so, what did you do to fix it? I am having the same/similar issues with my Renegade right now.

  12. Redhawk5150
    Not sure where to post this question, but I'm looking for suggestions for an excellent all weather tire (especially rain!). Sport 4x2 '17.
  13. 2020TAC
    2020TAC wayoflife
    Any help on adding an avatar image would be appreciated
  14. 2020TAC
    2020 Latitude Jetset Blue
  15. Wfuller
    Wfuller JeepCares
    Hi Jeep cares. I just purchased a 2016 renegade. A thunderstorm came through and the driver and rear of the vehicle was saturated with water. The owner decided to ditch the vehicle than deal with the issues. The dealership won't help as the vehicle is outside of the 3 year warranty. It has had no tsb issues addressed as well. Is there anything you will be willing to do to help me out.
  16. Matthew Coleman
    Matthew Coleman
    VERY noob. but want to enjoy myself
  17. Lucinda677
    New member but I am a very knowledgeable Hoonigan
  18. Emily H
    Emily H
    In way over my head, looking to turbocharge my 2.4L Jeep Renegade...
  19. Not Sure
    Not Sure
    So many roads.....
  20. Saber777
    Finally got the wheels pro comp will fit with a wheel stud adapter to change the bolt pattern plus wheels are negative offset
    1. Saber777
      This is the before pics
      Dec 22, 2019