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  1. MFlores757
    Taking the wife's Trailhawk & putting all the fun stuff on it.
  2. Old Curmudgeon
    Old Curmudgeon
    Wind noise. Any known fixes for a wind noise near the top of the passenger door - only when the blower is on and doing over 50 mph?
  3. ThaGade
    Just wondering if anyone can tell me if it's possible to wire an amp and sub up to the stock head unit?
  4. Life's a Beach
    Life's a Beach Mojave
    Are you the person selling the hood vinyl you have installed on your truck? If so how much $ and can it be purchased in a satin black or semigloss vinyl vs the flat black?
  5. Anvil_Beater
    Love my Renegade and named her Rocky!
  6. butj2
    I'm lovin' it !!!
    Just clicked 100 miles in my new 2016 anvil sport 4x4 1.4t hearing that little turbo spool!
  8. GlobexGlen
    Out Jeeping :D
  9. LittleRed
    LittleRed Mojave
    Hey Mojave....I came across the thread where you discussed putting Thule feet and cross bar on your Renegade Sport. I didn't see where you posted the parts etc. Could you provide that for me. Out of all the ones I've seen, I like yours the best.
  10. Smonirh
  11. ricardo cohen
  12. butj2
    Jeep Renegade 2016
  13. moises
    Got snow!
  14. moises
    moises Nina
    I might go to Azusa canyon this Sunday. Now that it's raining, the 2 small rivers should be pretty good!
  15. jmzhebron
    jmzhebron aalca62
    Hey, So I just recently got my hawk about a week ago. I live in metro atlanta (smyrna) so off roading would be a trip for me. Maybe one weekend we could hit some of the trails you have gone on but just remember, this will be my 1st off roading experience as a driver.
  16. ShadowRock
    Good Day to everyone on this Forum, Hope to exchange Good info.
  17. ShadowRock
    Just bought a 2016 Renegade Trailhawk , Traded in the 2013 Wrangler JKU
  18. Rocino Marinho
    Rocino Marinho DaystarTech
    Hi i buy a lift kit Daystar and Eddie way a life said that you have a clue about rear aligment. How can i do it correctly?
  19. rev44
    rev44 burnttoast
    Do you recall if your MB14 wheels have a recess on the rear side? I'm looking to add 1" spacers when I receive mine but if they don't have the recess for the lug nut after installing the spacer I'll need to go with a 1.25" spacer. Thanks ahead of time.
  20. TxToaster
    TxToaster JJ Garcia
    Hey Man, got them from Precision Car Audio, 830-625-4553, here in New Braunfels. They don't seem to have a website and the Google address is incorrect. So best bet to give them a call. Think they open back up on Tuesday.
    1. JJ Garcia
      JJ Garcia
      Awesome, I'll give them a call. Thanks.
      Nov 20, 2016